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We've all heard the stories. John gets sick and his wife isn't allowed to visit him in the hospital room. Or Mary dies in an accident and the home shared with James, her husband of 20 years, is given to her parents instead.

If you are in a serious relationship, you need to ensure the security of your financial and medical rights.

If you sincerely love and care about your wife or husband, you cannot afford to wait! Think ahead and plan now. Please take the time to read about our products to learn how easy and affordable it is for you to protect your rights as a couple. Our products cost just $29.

Partner Medical Rights

Partner Medical Rights™ - $39

PMR™ can save your life. It legally empowers your partner to visit you in the hospital and become the primary decision maker in critical medical situations. Learn More

Partner Financial Rights

Partner Financial Rights™ - $29

PFR™ allows you to legally manages financial responsibilities when the need arises. Learn More

Domestic Partnership Marriage Agreement

Domestic Partnership Marriage Agreement™ - $699

DPMA™ protects your wealth and makes sure your assets stay within your relationship! It's the closest thing to legal gay marriage in the US. Learn More



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